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    Our licensed agents are just a call or message away to guide you through the entire home buying process, from initial search to closing. Enjoy personalized attention and 1% cashback on your purchase with Smartbuy Live.

The smarter way to buy a home 

At Federa, we believe in simplifying life's everyday tasks with technology. That's why we're proud to offer SmartBuy Live, the smart way to buy a home. With our expert guidance and user-friendly app, you can sit back, relax, and let us handle the rest.

Enjoy the rewards of home buying with SmartBuy Live's 1% cashback. 

  SmartBuy LiveTraditional Brokers
Cashback at closing1% Negotiable 
Dedicated Agent (app, phone, email, chat)YesYes
 Make an Offer in secondsYes No 
Make an Offer 25/7/365Yes No 
Realtime Offer notificationsYes No 
Dedicated Success ManagerYes No 
Schedule Showings 24/7/365Yes No 
 Realtime transaction updatesYes No
 Federa Buy/Sell AgreementYes No
One Click OffersYes No 
Local Agent to meet withNo Yes 

Take a look at our recent testimonials!

Scott Moore Federa Review

" I have no idea how they make money for what they provide. Installed a sign, lockbox, listed on MLS and third party sites, Then arranged all the showings through an easy to to use app and took us to closing. Highly recommended. They are disrupting the Realtor market for sure. "   Scott Moore

Sandra Treggett Federa Review

" My experience with Federa and the expertise and professionalism of my listing specialist far exceeded my expectations. As a retired real estate agent with many years of experience, I can affirm that I received top notch services. I highly recommend Federa." Sandra Treggett

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In person from planning to closing. Have a dedicated real estate expert handle everything. 


Just answer simple questions, and make your own offers. We’ll guide you every step. Plus get 2% cashback.