• Take the stress out of selling your home with Federa SmartListing Full-Service.

    Our team of experienced agents provide personalized attention and support every step of the way. 

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Your listing gets published on the MLS and 700+ other websites and Apps. Giving your listing the best exposure increases the chances the right buyer discovers it.

A local licensed real estate agent assisting you from list to close. 

  SmartListing Full-ServiceTraditional Brokers
Dedicated AgentYesNo
 MLSIncluded Varies 
ZillowIncluded Varies 
Realtor.comIncluded Varies 
 Photos40 0-30 
 ShowingsFedera App Phone calls 
 Offer paperworkFedera App Manual
 NotificationsFedera App (Realtime) Manual
 UpdatesFedera App  (Realtime)Manual
Price (Listing Commission)3% (paid at closing)2-3% (paid at closing)
 One Click OffersYesNo
 CancelationCancel anytime before going under contract

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Scott Moore Federa Review

" I have no idea how they make money for what they provide. Installed a sign, lockbox, listed on MLS and third party sites, Then arranged all the showings through an easy to to use app and took us to closing. Highly recommended. They are disrupting the Realtor market for sure. "   Scott Moore

Sandra Treggett Federa Review

" My experience with Federa and the expertise and professionalism of my listing specialist far exceeded my expectations. As a retired real estate agent with many years of experience, I can affirm that I received top notch services. I highly recommend Federa." Sandra Treggett

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